We warmley thank you for showing more intrest in who our staff memebers are and the owners. We are here to make sure you have a pleasent experience while you enjoy trying all our products but we also would like to show you the faces behined the brand and the team running ... PNBALANCE.COM

H Narh

C.E.O. Beauty Consultant  

  Have had a deep desire to help people with various health conditins and to make products that can be used by many who love natural products, and with the combination of working within the care fields as a professional I know want to help people around the world pnbalance.com products.

Ricky Jay

Health Consultant / Coach / Mentor / Web Developer

 Have been working within the public and commecial sectors of the tech industry for over 38 years and combined my ancestral roots within the holistic ancient remedies and natural health fields for over 47 years in serving the worldwide communities of the world. Coaching and Mentoring is always my first love and here to help you in which ever way I can be of assisitnace in your personal growth ..

Maria Kate

Sales and Photography

 Have always had a love for photography and was given the oppotunity buy pnbalance.com to become their personal photographer to maket advertise and promote their natural products and be a part of the sites vision and evolution and enjoy helping people aquaire what they are looking for to help them.