About Us 

We warmley welcome you to the site and appreciate your intrest in us.  We set up the website to be a beackon of light for especially communiites that have been mistreated and forgotten beause of racism or other extream toxic views and behaviuor.

All people world wide are welcome to this site and we do not discrminiate as we want to empower, enlighten and illuminate others to live a more bakanced life,  especially those who have been living a rollercoster life of mixed emotions and feelings wher you feel nothing is working out for you. 

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We love the younger generation

Freetheinfo.com has been created for everyone but most of all the youth who have from so called adults and some of the corporate media been demonised.  We here on freetheinfo.com are extremely proud to make our site a friendly and interactive site so young people will enjoy and maybe even share with their friends and family.

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We the people are stronger together

We appreciate parrents, elders and all those who are a vital part of the community both in which ever neighbourhoods your living in and world wide.  We try to always listen and hear to your views and so we want to state that if you feel you want to express your concerns or feel you would like to add more to this website then we want you to know we are more than open to hear your suggestions, so do feel encouraged to share and express your likes and dislikes as we are always open to hear from anyone who reaches out to us. 

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or need to find out more about us feel free to call or leave us a message as soon as you get the chance.   No question is considered "struipd" to us so dont be consered if you cannot make 100% sense or you might feel your enquiery is not valued... we appreciate and will try to answr all your questions promtley and never prejudge you as our friendly staff are here to serve you.


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